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The Veronese brand was without a name in 1988 when I first began to design and produce arts & crafts. Around 1993, our company art library steadily filled with reference materials of the great classics in paintings and drawings of the Masters. Our creative team, saturated with the richness of colors and the Chiaroscuro effects of these images, started applying and rendering elements of them into our figurines. The demand for our design work in sculptures and drawings increased greatly at his time as well.

The catalystic moment came in 1996 when I first saw Paolo Veronese's grand artwork, "The Wedding at Cana". Veronese was the supreme colorist, sometimes surpassing the others masters in his harmony of tones and chiaroscuro, but what moved me above all was the vividness of the subjects both individually and in the narrative. Veronese's soulful characters seemed ready to walk off the canvas and carry on the intrigues and interactions amongst them into our world.

Paolo Veronese's gift of portraying “lifeness” has since become my guide and inspiration in designing and creating our figurines. As our brand name,Veronese will always remind us of how the essence of great art can touch us even across over 400 years of time.

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